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20th August 2009


Will organic search engine optimization put my website on the first page of the search engines?

Organic optimization is a key step in obtaining high ranking on the SERPS but only one of the major hurdles in developing your online business, proper optimization will get you ranked quickly for keywords not so highly sought after but top keywords will require incoming links to your website. We would be happy to be your guide to developing your online business, just give us a call today!


My website has been up for several years and I have no rankings, can you get me ranked?

Best US offers the complete package per say, your one stop shop, website design, development, advertising, professional SEO.


I already have a website, would your company optimize it for us?

Of course, is a full service website company so if you need meta-tags developed or just simple optimization we can perform the work for you to match your budget. Our belief is start small and grow large!.


How should we contact you to have work done?

You can contact one of our sales representatives in your area or contact us directly via the links or phone numbers below.


Do you perform simple updates of either pictures or content?

Most definitely, call us for any type of website updates or work that you might need performed and we will gladly assist you.




Creating a site that sells!

20th August 2009


What do you do when you give us a makeover?


With any website make-over or new design we provide the following


Free banner and text advertising through our network of websites so your new look is immediately noticed.

We provide you incoming links for quick rankings on the major search engines.


We require 50 percent down and balance when you approve the final design.


Free updates for 30 days, if something does not work we fix it for free for 30 days.


Site maintenance is available either on a contract basis or by the job.



What is website maintenance, do I need it?

Every website needs updated, as to the extent of the maintenance only you can decide what budget you have, we work within the budget you set. Our company will perform site maintenance for you whether we developed your site or not.



My website has been up for several years and I have not changed anything, does it need updated?

Your site does need updated please contact us for a free site analysis then we can discuss with you at what level of updating your site will need.



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Our Professional Sales Team

20th August 2009


Northern USA Sales


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In Central and Southern US contact: Yahoo Online Status Indicator

Gary Golden
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20th August 2009


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