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20th August 2009


With over 29 years of business experience both online and off gives me a unique perspective on building a business in today's market. Back in 1999 I started my online business simply as something to do in the evening, at the time I had no idea this business would grow to where it is today. Being online is not simply having a website but utilizing the power of the net to build my brick and mortar business.

Baker's Motel.com is ranked for almost every event in a couple county area so that when a potential customer is checking on an event in the area they see Baker's Motel:


Type in: Ohio pottery festival, Ohio motel reservation, Ohio hotel reservation, or Ohio Travel Directory using GOOGLE and you will see Baker's Motel at the top of the search.


This will potentially build me more business but also brings customers to the area. As I see it business owners today are just starting to understand the value of a website, though they still do not understand what a website can actually do for them.

What does the above paragraph actually mean? Sure you have a website but is it actually bringing business to you or do you have to bring business to the website, most websites simply do not stack-up and the latter is what happens, you have to bring business to the website. Many business owners are only concerned that the site looks good and do not even think if the site will ever be viewed. Advertising in the paper, television or radio are expensive ways to bring business to you and your online business so why not spend a little extra to get a website that is properly done, optimized for not only your business name but actually what your business does?


Understanding Online Business


Case in point my daughter worked for an law firm in Columbus, Ohio that had a website that to be quite honest was improperly done, they paid in excess of 20k for this website and then were paying a small fortune each month to Google to bring business to this website. They did not understand the concept that they could actually be ranked for the keywords as apposed to paying for them, this site has been up for several years, had they actually had someone design their website that actually knows something about online business with the money they spent on GOOGLE they could have had a site ranked for all of those keywords additionally they would have some of that money still in their pockets.


Most web designers offer just that design, at GUDesigns.com you will get the complete package, site design by experienced professionals. Then our SEO team will work directly with our design team providing the best of both worlds in one package, speaking of package we also have a package to suit any business from large companies to the small independent.

A new service we now offer is Page Ad design - this new service is a great way to get your feet wet with the internet, look at a page ad like your net address with links built in. Newspapers will charge in the thousands for a full page ads for one day of viewing, our page ads cost a fraction of the price and are up for the entire year, additional years are then a fraction of that price since all we are doing is hosting the page. Your page is professionally designed, optimized and placed on our already high ranked server and will work for you 24 - 7 - 365, pretty cheap advertising and it will get you noticed, PageAds start at just $25.00 per month!
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Plain and simple we offer our clients unmatched web site design accompanied by the ability to properly optimize your site so that the search engines will pick your business up quickly.



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20th August 2009


At BestUSSEO.com we are a professional website design and optimization company, so we can put your business on top! From start to finish we will keep in constant contact with you to make sure that what we design is exactly what you want for your business, Our design specialists will create a unique presence for your company that will put you ahead of the competition.

Our optimization team works directly with our designers so that when completed your new site can rank high on the search engines, all you have to do is build incoming links and the job is complete. We can even do that when you hire us to manage your web site, with this we adjust keywords as needed along with providing incoming links from our already high ranked sites to your new site providing you instant exposure with the major search engines. Instead of waiting months if not longer your new site will be picked up almost instantly, then ranked usually within 60 - 90 days.

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20th August 2009




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20th August 2009


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